Friday, December 30, 2011

End of the Year Hodge Podge

Here are a few pictures that I thought were cute.

Obviously, McKinney you are so excited to have a new friend.

Rebekah, you are loving your monkey snuggie, hat, and book.
McKinney, you are enjoying learning to shoot your bow. I think you are going to make a great archer - just like your Pop!!

You have enjoyed having Dasher sleep in your bed.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning and there are slippers outside your doors. Rebekah and McKinney, yours were outside Rebekah's room where you both slept.

And Micah - yours!!

Stockings are stuffed

Santa left some great treats for Rebekah. A new bike, and iPod touch, and, some American Girl "stuff".

McKinney's treats are some Star Wars things, a camera, and a bow and arrow set.

Joyful Soul, you were super excited about Santa coming this year. This was the first year you really understood Santa coming. He brought you some more Take Along Thomas train sets, a LeapFrog Leapster, and Bomb Blastin' Mater.

Unfortunately, while opening McKinney's bow & arrow set, Daddy sliced his finger with a pocket knife. This really threw a wrench in our Christmas morning plans. I have no pictures of you guys opening your gifts or stockings. I had to rush Daddy to the ER while Pop came and got you ready for church and you guys went to Christmas service with Pop, Gaga, Gran, and Grandad. It was an eventful and emotional morning for all of us, but we are thankful Daddy was okay and we were still able to celebrate the birth of our Savior with family that day!

Had to put in this picture to show Daddy's "bum thumb".

Once Pop and Gaga brought you home from church we had a really BIG surprise for you. A new addition to our family is a cute little kitty. You guys were very surprised and super excited!!

Although we tried to explain the importance of letting the kitty get used to you, McKinney - you couldn't keep your hands off of him. He is a huge answer to your pleas for a pet inside. I think you two are going to be fast friends!!

You guys decided to name him Dasher (after the first of Santa's reindeer) and because he dashes around the house!!

Rebekah, you did get to ride your bike for a few brief moments before the heavy rain moved in.

McKinney, you can't get enough.

In the afternoon, Daddy's family came over for some more celebrating. Here is Aunt Cathie, Aunt Christy, Uncle Doug, and Uncle Mariano.

Gran and Grandad and Curtis on the couch.

McKinney, SUPER excited about the hex bugs from Gran and Grandad.

Loves your new hat - exactly what you picked out!!

Love this picture of Curtis helping Micah put together his pirate ship.

You guys are so blessed that you have so many family members that love you so deeply. Gran and Grandad are such a blessing to our family. Next year there will be two more grandchildren in this picture when after Aunt Christy has the twins.

Getting Ready for Santa

Christmas Eve and what does that mean??? Christmas jammies of course.
Checking the chimney to make sure it is all clear for Santa.

And don't forget milk and cookies.

Christmas at Pop & Gaga's (the McKinney's)

Christmas Eve at Mom & Dad's is one of the highlights of my entire year. I look forward to it so much. We are so blessed to have my precious parents (and Daddy's) so close so that we can see them so often. I pray you guys, my children, will always cherish your grandparents. They are full of love and so much wisdom they want to pass on to you!!

One of the reasons I love Christmastime is for the precious looks on children's faces. This one is priceless of sweet Koltyn. Have I mentioned I am a bit jealous of his curls???

My precious grandmother, Mema! So thankful she is still able to come down and be with us for ham and pinto beans on Christmas Eve!!

Sisters! Love my Aunt Connie!!
Christmas Eve menu: Turkey (for some reason this year - instead of ham), green beans, fruit salad, sweet potato souffle, and of course PINTO BEANS!!

Nini's first Christmas in the USA and with our family. We are so blessed to have her with us!
Each year Gaga puts you guys into costumes and has you act out the Christmas Story. This year Micah - you are Joseph, Rebekah - you are Mary, McKinney - you are a donkey, Amberleigh is an angel, Braxton and Amelia - shepherds, and Nini - Baby Jesus. Unfortunately, Koltyn missed all the fun since he was napping.

After focusing on the real meaning of Christmas, we celebrated each other by giving gifts. Such fun for you kids and Mommy too!!

Nini was helping Mema "read" the recordable storybook you guys recorded for her for Christmas.

After the excitement of opening gifts there was a knock at the door and a very special visitor arrived. Can you believe it???

Wait - is that Santa??? Seems he is prepared for high waters in those pants, or maybe he is too tall for the costume. Love Santa Frank!!

All kids were mesmerized by Santa. They found Pop to be pretty funny, although Micah - you still think it was the real Santa!! Oh to be three again!

Santa forced himself on Brett.

And Mema.

I love this picture. I will always treasure this memory. My sweet Daddy, aka Santa, with his ten of his eleven grandchildren (only one missing is baby McKinney that will born in June)!!